We offer other services to help you get online with Reservo including custom plugins, script installation, server installation, template/theme changes and general custom development for the script.

Custom Development Work

If you have specific changes you'd like done to the Reservo code we can help!

  • For any coding changes or tweaks to the existing Reservo script.
  • Built using the plugin architecture, where possible, so it's easier to upgrade on future releases.
  • Quotes based on the hourly rate below but we always provide a fixed price for the work. No nasty bills at the end!
  • 30% deposit required to schedule in the work. The rest is due on completion.
  • Lead time to start work is normally around 7-10 days.


Need help installing and configuring your servers for Reservo? Let us do the work for you. See below for a full list of installation options. For additional information or to order feel free to contact us.

Core Script Installation:

  • Installation of the Reservo core script.
  • Assumes you have your server setup and configured with PHP, MySQL etc.
  • Free installation of any additional plugins you purchase, excluding the ones listed on this page, below.
  • 24 hour turnaround time, although normally done quicker.
  • Cost: $39.00 USD

Complete Server Setup:

  • Linux CentOS 64bit OS recommended.
  • Root server access needed.
  • Includes:
  • Nginx
  • PHP-FPM 7.2
  • MySQL
  • PHP CLI (for cron tasks)
  • Curl
  • PHP Modules, GD, Freetype
  • Complete configuration of your server to best perform with Reservo.
  • Cost: $120.00 USD

Plugin Installation: (cost per server)

  • FTP Upload:
  • Installation and configuration of ProFTPD.
  • Cost: $39.00 USD
  • File Leech:
  • Installation of Plowshare.
  • Cost: $39.00 USD