Our rewards plugin allows you to pay your users commission for referring paid premium account upgrades (PPS) & views/downloads they generate from images they have uploaded.

Pay Per Sale (PPS)

  • Your site users earn a percentage from account upgrades of individuals that they refer to your image hosting site who register and subsequently upgrade. They are given a unique affiliate ID which tracks the traffic that they generate.

Pay Per View/Download (PPV/PPD)

  • You can pay your users for each 1,000 views and/or downloads that occur on their uploaded images.
  • We have various checks in place to limit the possibility of being scammed.
  • You can set prices according to image size & country.

Front-End Website Changes:

  • A new page is generated for users that are not logged in showing how much they can earn from referring account upgrades.
  • Non-logged in users to your site can also see PPV/PPD rates (Configurable)
  • When a user is logged into your image hosting site, they will have a new page showing the following:
  • Information on how they can start earning from your site.
  • Their own individual affiliate URL.
  • Details on successful referrals that they have made.
  • Details on the amount that they have earned for that particular month, earned to date, and how much is available for withdrawal.
  • After earnings are aggregated, users can request the funds to be withdrawn. (admins can set a minimum amount that users must be over to withdraw any funds)
  • If PPV/PPD (pay per view/download) is active, it display the current downloads as well as rates & aggregated earnings.
  • Only images that have been downloaded to 100% will account. If users initiate a download and it is then cancelled, it will not count towards the earnings.

Admin Area Changes:

  • The admin interface has a new page showing total earnings by users & overall system stats.
  • PPS - Information on referrals for users.
  • Search & filter data.
  • Cancel referral.
  • PPV/PPD - Information on views/downloads for users.
  • Search & filter data.
  • Cancel view/download.
  • Group data for an overview of views/downloads by status & users.
  • Aggregated earnings for users.
  • Payment requests.
  • Search & filter data.
  • Set as paid.
  • Plugin configuration:
  • Choose if the plugin is active or not.
  • PPS - Payout percentage rate.
  • PPV/PPD - Minimum image size to count.
  • PPV/PPD - You can manage group names, countries payout & rates.
  • Payout lead time. (This is to allow for chargebacks & refunds)
  • Minimum payment threshold. (This is a set amount earned before a user can withdraw the funds.)
  • Monthly payout date.
  • Set the maximum amount of daily earnings by downloader IP
  • Set the maximum amount of daily earnings by image.
  • Set the maximum amount of daily earnings by image owner or user.
  • For PPV/PPD, only the daily unique IP addresses are counted towards the earnings.
  • There is an option to set PPV/PPD outpayment rates based on country.
  • The total paid amount on a customers account rewards page.
  • There is an option to set other outpayment methods for withdrawals. For example cheque, bank transfer. You can easily add new options such as bitcoin, stripe & more.
  • The admin area contains a 'payment requests' page that allows you to pay outpayments. It auto-fills information such as amount, description, currency, etc.

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