The Amazon S3 storage plugin allows you to use Amazons highly revered storage service for your uploaded images.

Admin Area Changes:

  • This adds an additional option in the 'add file server' section allowing you to setup a S3 image server.
  • Users upload & download images to and from your site in the standard way, however the plugin transfers the images to and from S3.
  • All original S3 image urls are hidden and set as private so they cannot be accessed directly.
  • The S3 image server will follow the same set configuration as the other image servers. (max storage, usage priority etc)
  • Amazons storage costs as little as $0.054 USD per GB of storage each month. See Amazon S3 costs for more details.
  • Plugin Settings:
  • Choose whether the S3 storage plugin is active or not.
  • Your AWS access key.
  • Your AWS secret key.
  • Your S3 storage bucket name.

* It is not possible to upload an image directly to S3. The images are uploaded to your image hosting site first, and then transferred to S3. Due to this fact there may be a minor delay after the image is uploaded however this usually applies to files that are 1GB+ in size compared to images which are usually only a few MB.

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