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I wonder how you display the color palette that you displayed, on the right side under the title of the picture, on your demo ... After the installation on my website, it is not display ... Do I need to buy an extra feature, an extra plugin maybe ? Or do I need to click on something in the admin ? ... thx for your answer already ... Have a goood evening ... And by the way, your script here is just ... superb. ...more

Hi Adam. In the Ticket. #21180 i made some ajustsments for you. Please see if you like it. I cant reach you by message, so i have to do it like this.. I hope you dont mind.

Update Dutch Language, and some coding.

Greetings ...more

Please Adam can you check Ticket #21137 regarding After login/register with Facebook, google? Problem with Public Profile

Patrick.. ...more

After the image is delete,

In the action queue, has been Pending for the situation. ...more

How can I change the minimum and maximum length of the user name accepted for registration?
It should be 3 to 20 characters.
Thank you ...more


I've just purchased Reservo with Rewards Plugin for my site, I am just uploading data via ftp and reading the docs along side. My site is on Rackspace Cloud sites and i need help with setting up the Cron Tasks

in the documentation it says the following
[quote:13fhfok3]Type crontab -e in your linux command line.
Type in the following:
0 0 * * * php /path/to/your/install/admin/tasks/auto_prune.cron.php >> /dev/null 2>&1
0 0 * * * p ...more

I see no notifications if there are new comments to a image. is this normal, or what triggered this notification? ...more

I wanted a menu item under community in vertical menu and i haved it into previous version, but can,t find to setup it again, so someone can help me on the way please!

It can visible for every one (link to external forum). ...more

I want to use sso login to my Codoforum script, but I can't find how Reservo works, is this with a session or a cookie?
And how to find out how a logged user is detected?

If someone can my help out here please let my know. ...more

in picture view screen, now the share tab let see all the links yes.... right but i want to get at first the meta tab be open .
How to do that?

Harry ...more