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Whenever adding a download page it does not show up as it should. When pressing the download button the image prompts to download instead of showing the page. The page is however shown when pressing the "back" button in the browser.

Any help here? I'm a paying customer with 1 year promised support. ...more

When pressing "JPG Original" I'm thrown back into albums without being able to download. Downloading resized images works fine. ...more

How can I customize the landing page?

I'm asking because I have already done it but no changes are showing. Iv'e even changed the images in the landing folder but they are not updating on the live page.

Iv'e made several changes to the text descriptions in templates/index.html that are not showing either.

And yes, I've created a new theme and am changing the files in the new theme folder and the theme is activated. ...more


I have just freshly installed Reservo and are already bumping into problems that should be easy to solve.

1. How do you create albums?
2. No categories are shown in the category list, not the premade or the ones I create myself. Not for guests or registered users.
3. Images uploaded are not shown to guests on homepage even if set to public (guests can however see images in categories if they know the direct link)

Am I missing some settings o ...more


For the amazon server use, need paid plugin? Because i see amazon server setup the admin/server_manage...

But this not working, nothing upload the amazon server, i check the testign, this ok... ...more


I have a desktop application created in C# that allows users to capture their screen and save images, gifs, etc. I would love to be able to connect this directly to my reservo image site to be able to upload from a desktop application.

I could send the files via FTP to a folder in the reservo root, but these don't show up on the regular gallery. This also wouldn't have a way to send login credentials to upload the image to a specific account, so it would just go ...more

I can add all the other cron jobs but this one "*/5 * * * * php /path/to/your/yetishare/admin/tasks/process_file_queue.cron.php >> /dev/null 2>&1" it gives me this error errors in crontab file, can't install. Any help please thanks ...more

Copy URL to clipboard button doesn't work. When I press the option in drop down menu, it doesn't get selected. It just stay there and nothing happens. ...more

1) As we all know Adsense doesn't like NSFW images as their Ad network publisher host. It would be a great idea to provide a tool to admins to mark NSFW images/user accounts so that we can serve alternate ads on those images.

2) Additionally, Please show a checkbox on upload form to state that those images are NSFW.

3) Allow admins to be able to choose whether or not show the NSFW images in public image listing where recent images are shown from users across the site. U ...more

I have set the list of short url of images in the image pool and also selected the "Specific image" option for homepage image rotation. But, it is stil showing the random public images on the homepage including NSFW. ...more