The WebDav plugin allows users access to your image hosting site directly on tablets, mobiles & desktop. WebDav is supported in a huge range of operating systems as well as 100's of mobile & desktop apps. See below for more information or test it out.

Front-End Website Changes:

  • Enables full support for Blackberry, IOS, Android, Mac, Linux and Windows using our recommended applications.
  • The plugin has no reliance on the development of mobile applications for different platforms. It uses well established applications to enable your users to mange their images remotely.
  • Enables the use of a Dropbox style sync tools to syncronise your images on desktop & mobile.
  • Enables the support for moving, deleting, adding, renaming, & editing images and folders.
  • Enables the support for HTTPS. (there are known problems with the free CloudFlare HTTPS certificate, you are required to purchase a certificate for your domain when using CloudFlare HTTPS)
  • The plugin matches user account limitations such as max upload filesize, max storage, etc.
  • Creates a new page with instructions for users on how to connect via WebDav

Admin Area Changes:

  • Enables the ability to choose which file server is used for the WebDav server.
  • Permissions are based on user type. For Free (registered), Paid, Moderator & Admin:
  • No Access
  • Read Only Access
  • Read Write Access
  • Option whether to show the WebDav front-end page on your image sharing site.
  • Contains various details of the configuration changes that you will need to make.
  • Full support for Apache & Nginx.


  • Curl.
  • Mbstring extension in PHP.
  • Allows the use of large PHP upload settings if you want to allow larger images. WebDav does not support file 'Chunking' so you will be required to allow receiving larger images on your servers. More information provided in the plugin admin page.

Try It Now!

  • For Windows, download CyberDuck - (For other operating systems click to see the WebDav Clients)
  • Install the client, then choose to add a new WebDav connection.
  • Set the details as:
  • Url:
  • User: admin
  • Pass: password
  • Path (in advanced): /app/index.php
  • Click 'connect'.
  • You will now have access to your images on the demo site, Via your desktop. Please note that our demo mode is read only.
  • If run into any problems, see the WebDav Plugin page for other supported clients.

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