The user comments plugin enables your site visitors to comment, reply and like on images within your site. It's included free of charge with the Reservo core license.

Front-End Website Changes:

  • Adds a comments area below each image, on the image preview page.
  • For non logged in users an optional captcha is shown.
  • Require users to be logged in before commenting.
  • Built in 'flag comment' icon to report comments for abuse.
  • Ajax paging for fast access to comments.
  • If comment posted by a logged in user, the users avatar is shown and a link to their profile.

Admin Area Changes:

  • Comments Overview Page:
    • List comments, order by date added, content, author, status.
    • Search by author or image name.
    • Edit comment.
    • Delete comment.
  • Reported Comments Page:
    • List reports, order by date added, filename, author, times reported.
    • Optionally action reports after x amount on the same comment.
    • View the report popup.
    • Delete comment by actioning the report.
  • Admin Settings - Configure the Comments Plugin using any of the following settings:
    • Enable by user type. (non user, free user, paid user)
    • Auto approve or set as 'awaiting approval' on comment submission.
    • Enable captcha for non logged in users.
    • Whether to disable links in comments.
    • How many comments to show per page.
    • Flood control. Stop people spamming the comments system.
    • The maximum permitted likes per 24 hours.
    • The maximum permitted comment reports per 24 hours.

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